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Friday, May 4, 2012

Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack - Lauren Conrad

Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack - Lauren Conrad:

Grapes & Grahams: Take one graham cracker and split it into two squares. Spread each square with a light layer of cream cheese. Then sprinkle eight halved grapes over the top. It sounds strange, but it’s so delicious!

Pear/Apple & String Cheese: To curb your sugar cravings, have a piece of fruit with a side of cheesy protein (my favorite type of protein). Cheese is packed with calcium and according to good old WebMD, calcium “can help adjust your body’s fat-burning machinery.

Greek Yogurt: Have a cup of Greek yogurt. If it’s plain, drizzle a little agave nectar over it and top it off with a few berries or slivered almonds. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, which will keep you feeling full. Plus it has a lot of calcium too!

Hummus & Veggies: This is my favorite snack. The hummus is made from chickpeas, which is rich in protein and fiber. It’s low fat and filling. Perfection!

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